Inbound - First stage

Let us know your shipping method – This will normally be by Sea FCL (Full container load), LCL (consolidated less than container load) or by AIR.

Confirm the delivery address – And we will let you know which port to send it to. It is important to send it to the closest port in order to keep delivery costs down.


Commercial shipments

 It is very important that we get a copy of the commercial invoice. This must clearly give a description of all items, the number of items and the costs. This will be used in order to clear customs and calculate the taxes which are approximately 8% of the purchase value. Please take note of the costs involved.

Customs duties depend on the item you wish import, please see the link for for information –

Customs inspection charges (JPY 20,000 – 100,000) the clearer the documentation, the less likely a customs inspection would be required. We have no control at all over this.

Consumer Tax – as mentioned above approximately 8% of the items value.

Please note that these costs will only be known during customs clearance and must be settled before delivery. Failure to do so will incur customs demurrage (holding charges)

Used personal household goods

Customs can be cleared tax and duty free as long as you can settle the below requirements.

  • Customs instruction form (5360 as per the below image) – obtained during the flight to Japan
  • Password photo page copy
  • A copy of your most recent Japan entry stamp (must be within 6 months of the arrival of the shipment)
  • Japanese Visa / residence card copy (or letter from your employer stating that you are applying for a visa)
  • Visa of the origin country (if you are not a resident of that country)
  • Packing list / inventory – Note the customs for air shipments are extremely strict, therefore an accurate inventory is required showing the exact items count plus, the items estimated values


Used Household Goods packing list